How I First Started…With Portraits…

Howdy Stars!

JuliaModel – Julia Suschenko

MUA – Casandra Dawn

Stylist – Ten Morrow

AlyssaModel – Alyssa Austin

EricModel – Eric Presnall

51c8f34a50358Model – Casandra Dawn 

MUA – Kristine 

Hair/Stylist – Casandra Dawn

Roger1 (3)Model – Roger Coleman

A Lot Of Models I’ve Worked With Look So Natural Once The Cameras Are Turned On. The Style. The Poses. The Look. The Connection Between The Model And Photographer.

Growing Up, My Mother Loved Dressing Up And “Looking Good”. From Dying Her Hair To Lying On Her Driver’s License.  As For Me, I Was The Opposite And What You Would Call A Tomboy. I Hated Wearing Dresses When I Was Younger And Just Wanted To Go Out And Play With The Boys. Til This Day, My Mother At 52 Years Young Has Been Using Botox For Almost 10 Years.  According To Her, Every So Often Points Out A Strikingly Beautiful Person Or Just The Opposite.  This Week To Her I’ll Be Fat, Next Week I’m Too Skinny… Never Satisfy.

It Seems That Our Society Continues To Be Obsessed With Eternal Youth – The Ageless, Soft Skin, Laser Eye Surgery, The Latest Fad Diet, Etc.  It Seems To Me There Are Many Types Of Beauty In Portrait Photography. .  One End Of The Spectrum Includes The Type Of Beauty We’ve Come To Appreciate In Fashion Photography. As A Photographer, On Occasion I Have The Opportunity To Shoot A Different Type Of Beauty… From The Other  End Of The Spectrum. When I Am Shooting Portrait Photography I Attempt To Bring Out The True Beauty In Each Individual.  There is Amazing Beauty In A Face Full Of Wrinkles.  Just Think About The Countless Hours Of Late Night Concentration That Goes Into Bags Under Someone’s Eyes. Laugh Lines Shooting Out Of The Corners Of The Eyes Can Reflect Not Only Amazing Texture But Even More Importantly, Those Lines Reflect Character!  The Weather-Worn, Leather-Like, Wrinkle-Creased Face Of An Old Native American Or Chinese Woman Can Hold A Depth Of True Beauty Certainly Equal To The Beauty Of The Top 5th Avenue Fashion Model!  Its Both Challenging And Fun To Try And Bring Out All Types Of Beauty In My Models… For Each Model Has A Unique Beauty All Their Own, Inside And Out.

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