07.19.13 / Oh Natural…


Fuji Instax Photo Collage Of The Recent Road Trip.

Summer 2013, Doing A Long Road Trip Hitting Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Montana, Idaho,  New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri And Many More Places!

Cedar Breaks

Utah – Cedar Breaks


Bison Range – Across The Road – Montana

Our Family, Have Been Fortunate Enough To Travel Around The World And See Many Walks Of Life. And I Have Always Been Aware Of My Surroundings. We Knew It Was Important To Learn About Other Cultures And To Understand Why Everyone Is So Unique In Their Own Way.


Petting Zoo – Zebra In The Middle Of No Where Utah Near A Dairy Queen At A Gas Station.

For My New Yorker Stars Out There, Here’s An Invitation To An Exhibit Called, “The Story Of The Creative”. They Will Be Showcasing A Few Of My Art For Seven Weeks On July 25th (The Opening) To September 9th.


West Coast Stars There Will Be A Special “Treat” At Where I’ll Be Exhibiting – Hint – COUNTY FAIR – Details Soon To Come.

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