02.03.14 / United Arab Emirates


DSC_8094 (Medium) (Mobile)DSC_7930 (Medium) (Mobile)

Traditional Egyptian Dancer.
A Folkloric Dance Called, “Tanoura

After A Long Day Of Dune Bashing, Camel Rides and Arabic BBQ.. I Got To Enjoy Some DANCING! In The Desert Safari Camp… I Got To Capture A Great Photo Of A Male Egyptian Folkloric Dancer Doing Amazing Tricks While Spinning Effortlessly In This Beautiful Traditional Dress Where Each Color Represents A “Sufi Order”. When They Dance, He Gets Into A Trance That Becomes Very Spiritual For Them. At One Point Of The Dance His Dress Even Lights Up! Exciting!

Safari Dune Bashing. Sunset Dubai’s Desert.

Mother and Camel

Camels Are Very Expressive! She Was Very Curious About My Camera Lens. She Saw Herself In The Glass Reflection And Inches Her Head Closer And Closer To Me. And That’s When I Snapped This Photo Of Her With My Mother.

In The Dusty Sand Dunes of Dubai! My Mother And The Camel. I Love Camels. Often Called, “Ships Of The Desert”.

They Have What They Called “Camel Beauty Pageant” Where They Judge 30,000 Camels’ Head, Ears, Cheeks, Whiskers, Eyelashes, etc… And The Winner Takes Home $10 Million Dollars. WOW!


Burj Khalifa

Here Is The Tallest Building In The World, BURJ KHALIFA And The World’s Largest Water Show. On The Inside… From The Top Of The World. The Shadow You See Is From The Burj Khalifa Building I’m In….

Top Of The World… And Conquer The Fear Of Heights And Climbed Into The World’s Fastest Elevator To The World’s Highest Observation Deck Of 124th Floor Of Exhilarating Fun… In The World’s Tallest Building… Looking Down. (I’m Afraid of Heights)

The Building Itself Has 150 Floors.

The Whole Country UAE Has Collected Over 100 Guinness World Records, 60 In Dubai Alone and 22 In The Area I’m Standing In Taking This Photo!

Sharjah Islamic Museum

Sharjah Islamic Museum.

DSC_8601 (Medium) (Mobile)

Grand Mosque In Abu Dhabi, UAE 

This Is One Of The Most Beautiful Chandelier I Have Ever Seen. And Of Course The Detail In Everything Else Is Just Gorgeous!

One Of My Favorite Photo Of The World’s Eighth Largest Mosque.

It An Arabic Tradition That Their Architectural Buildings Are To Be Very Symmetrical.

Bur Dubai Creek

Bank Street

These Two Photo Above Was Taken About 2am In The Morning As I Take A Scroll Down The Street By Myself. Streets Were Definitely Something To Get Use To… But I Had A Camera In One Hand, And Tripod In Another. Then This Photo Came To Me…

This Is Behind What They Call, “Bank Street” In Bur Dubai (About A 30 Year Old City). A Bunch Of Electronic Stores And Apartments.

There’s A Mosque In This Country Every 500 meters (0.3 Miles). Amazing.

The UAE Has Seven ‘Emirates’…. Kinda Equivalent To Like Our Let’s Say Our ‘States’… Each Of Their ‘Emirates’ Has A Monarchy…. Aka King, Prince, Prime Minister, Etc… It’s Quite Interesting..

Overall, UAE Has Been An Amazing Experience And Would Go Again In A Heartbeat! I Enjoyed The Food, The Architures, The People, The Culture Everything… Another Successful Traveling Journey.

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