02.08.15 / The 52 Week Challenge!


Yes I Can!

First Read The Article Through My Favorite Photography Website, Petal Pixel And Came Across What I Thought Was A Great Idea For The New Year. So It’s Official Since The New Year Rolled Around I’ve Been Doing The “52 Week Photography & Business Challenge,” List Written By A Fine-Art Photographer, Jenna Martin. Each Week I Actually Do Two Challenges, One Photo Related (It’s Getting Me Shooting More Or At Least More Prepared Than I Would’ve Been) And Another Challenge That Furthers My Photography Business. Basically Things I Should Already Been Doing But Now I Have It As My Plans/Goals And “Its Written In Stone”.. aka…On My Blog… So I Can’t Back Out Now…Ha! Plus, This Week’s “Business Challenge” Is “Blogging”… And It’s Been A Year Since My Last Blog So Ultimately I Want To Be Blogging Once A Month… Here You’ll Be Able To See My Art That I Won’t Be Posting Anywhere Else…So Get Ready For Some Yapping And Art! Ha!

After, Looking At These Awesome And Different Photo Challenges, I Got Excited Just Thinking About All Different Types Of Techniques I Get To Study And Implicate Even If I Have Never Attempt Such A Photo… Hopefully Along The Way Cumulate Some Awesome Photography Skills And Discipline. Man… Do I Love Learning!


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