02.11.15 / Jumpin’ January (52 Week Challenge)

Week One:

Photography Assignment – Celebration 

Business Challenge – Start A “Project”

Lights Ahoy!

California X-mas

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Challenges I Face This Week: I Want To Be Able To Start Something And Finish Strong. This Will Be My First Photography Challenge Ever And I’m Doing It For Me. For The First Week I Was Really Excited Start The Project So I Drove Down To Dana Point, CA For The Yearly Illuminocean Celebration They Have There, Displaying Beautiful Lights! Mind Ya’ll I Was A Lil Disappointed… At First… Driving So Far And All… Then Realized The Further I Walked The More Lights I Saw.

 Week Two:

Photography Assignment – Interpret A Song

Business Challenge – Photographer Outreach

“Welcome To The Jungle” – Guns N’ Roses

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 Challenges I Face This Week: Being Able To Evoke Music Through A Visual Medium. I Mean…How Was I Suppose To Interpret A Song Into A Photo?… I Had To Google Some Inspiration To Get Me Going… Then Came Across This Amazing Photo By Ilan Bresler Called “A Kiss To Build A Dream” And It Seems Like It Was Shot In The Streets Of Barcelona… The Song Is By The Great Louis Armstrong, Of Course…

With That I Thought Out Of The Box And As I Relaxed At A Friend’s House Overlooking This City It Hits Me… This Was My Jungle… My City Jungle… And Then The Song “Welcome To The Jungle” By Los Angeles Natives, Guns N Roses Came To Mind…

“We’ve Got Fun And Games… We Got Everything You Want Honey, We Know The Names…We Are The People That Can Find Whatever You May Need..If You Got The Money Honey We Got Your Disease… In The Jungle, Welcome To The Jungle…” -Guns N’ Roses

Week Three:

Photography Assignment – Recreate A Famous Photo

Business Challenge – Vendor Outreach

Las Vegas SignWhat Do You Know?…

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Challenges I Face This Week: With This Week’s Photo I Got A Little Cliche And Went To Las Vegas To Recreate The Infamous Las Vegas Sign. I Have Never Had A Chance To Drive Up To It And Be A True Tourist And Photo It. Every Time I Drive By It…It Seems Like It Was Always Crowded But This Time Around Going In The Evening Wasn’t As Busy And I Noticed Construction In The Parking Lot. Who Knows? Maybe More Parking For Us Visitors… Yay!

Week Four:

Photography Assignment – Out Of Focus

Business Challenge – Start A Blog


Bokeh No Mo!

( 4 / 52 )

Challenges I Face This Week: This Week’s Photo Brought Me Back To My Roots… Understanding Macro Photography… I Remember The First Photo I Ever Shot In My Nikon D80… Bird Of Paradise… I Think Every Photographer Somehow Starts By Taking Photos Of Flowers… Why? ‘Cause Its Convenient And In Our Backyard! And We Want To Shoot Something ‘Purdy’.. Ha… The Photos Were All Taken In My Garden Of My Favoritist Plants…

On The Other Hand, This Week’s Photo Assignment Also Made Me Think Of Today’s Photography Fad… Bokeh..As Much As I Hate Giving In To The Fad Of Bokeh .. Some Photographers Are Just Bokeh Crazy And Need To Understand The Basics Of Depth Of Field. Even Though There Are Some Pretty Awesome Bokeh Effects Out There… I Don’t Believe My Photos This Week Really Define Bokeh… And Another Secret… Ya’ll Might Have Guess It Or Not… But These Were All Taken With My Samsung Galaxy IV With A Little Touch-Up In Photoshop. Cheers! Can’t Wait To Show Ya’ll This Month’s Challenges! Come Back Soon.

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