04.15 / Spring Has Sprung (52 Week Challenge)

 Week Thirteen:

Photography Assignment – Close Call

Business Challenge – Client Outreach

Close Call

Hanging On…


Challenges I Face This Week: I Have Always Love Wandering Downtown L.A. At Night… Though Very Dangerous And Not Advised To Go Alone, Especially At Night. There Is Just Something Majestic About All The City Lights. Here’s The 101 Fwy Taken I Believe From 3rd-4th Street From Above. I Stuck My Head Over The Side Of The Rail Fearing For Life That I Wasn’t Gonna Drop My Camera Or Fall To My Death. I Was Able To Capture Some Cars Driving By… One Of The Most Scariest Moments I’ve Ever Had Was Driving And Avoiding Accidents. Some Very Close Calls. Sometimes I Think It’s My Guardian Angel Working Overtime.

Week Fourteen:

Photography Assignment – Fresh Start

Business Challenge – Personal Shoot

Brad Bertolli

Splish Splash! – Model – Brad Bertolli


Challenges I Face This Week: This Was A Personal Shoot With The Lovely Brad Bertolli Whom I Met During The ‘Interstellar’ Promotion. Other Than Photography I’ve Been In The Marketing Industry For 8+ Years Promoting All Different Brands That Allows Me To Meet A Lot Of Actors And Of Course Models. He Was Fit, Good-Looking And The Most Easy Going. After Talking A Bit About Food And Hobbies, We Turned Our Conversation To Photography And He Showed Me All The Work He’s Done As An Athletic Model. I Knew I Had To Get That Face On My Camera And Had Ask If He Wanted To Shoot. Of Course He Said Yes And We Got To Brainstorm A Little Bit. I Have Always Wanted To Shoot In My Swimming Pool Having The Model Dressed Completely…. So Brad Made My Dreams Come True. Thank You!

Week Fifteen:

Photography Assignment – Architecture

Business Challenge – Blog Outreach



Challenges I Face This Week: This Was Shot In The Country’s Largest Mosque In Abu Dhabi, Dubai. The Mosque Is Named After His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The Architecture Everywhere In Dubai Is Amazing!! I Have Never Seen Anything Like It. Though I Seriously Wouldn’t Be Surprise If They Brought Back Some Form Of Slavery To Build Some Of Their Buildings In The Time They Did. According To My Tour Guide… I Believe He Was The One That Envisioned Dubai To Be A “Desert Oasis” And To Bring More Tropical Trees To Give It More Of That Feel. His Resting Place Is Also Located On The Grounds. A Definite Vacation Spot. A Must See Country.

Week Sixteen:

Photography Assignment -Nature

Business Challenge – Evaluate Brand Identity


Look Up – Huntington Library


“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.” – Bruce Lee

Challenges I Face This Week: Like Bruce Lee’s Quote… I Got To Have Flexibility And Resilience To Bounce Back… Bamboo Is Flexible And Bends With The Wind But Doesn’t Break And Able To Adapt To Rough Circumstances. I Took This Photo Last Year Around June Right After I Had My Gallbladder Taken Out And I Was Fortunate Enough To Have Gone Outside And Enjoy My Day At The Huntington Library… (I Was Being Pushed Around In A Wheelchair And That’s The Reason Of The Low Angle Of The Bamboos).. Even With The Whole Surgery Ordeal…  I Had To Get Use To My Diet… And Learn More About My “New” Body Before Putting Anything To Harm It… You Only Got One… I Got To Treat It Better Now And Really Treat It Like A Temple…

Bamboo Trees Are Hollow On The Inside…  At The End Whatever Happens I’ll Shall “Find Wisdom In Emptiness“… In Order To Understand And Learn From Either People Or Nature We Have To Be Open Minded And Open To Change… And Once You “Empty Your Mind” And Your Preconceived Notions/Judgements, Life Will Then Open To More Possibilities.

*Exclusive Video*Progress 3Bamboozle

I Got To Display This Print In A Puzzle Form For The “Booze & Pancake Art Show”. I Was In A Time Crunch And Only Had Two Days To Finish The Puzzle Itself And Didn’t Think I Could Get The 500 Piece Puzzle Done In Time. 

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