03.18.15 / Feisty February (52 Week Challenge)

Week Five:

Photography Assignment – Mirrored Image

Business Challenge – Organize Client Contacts

2015-01-31 06.26.30-2

Mirror, Mirror


Challenges I Face This Week: The Photo Was Taken By My Phone… As You Can Tell The Pixels Aren’t As Clear And That Was Defintely Challenging But Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures And I Just Couldn’t Help Myself… If You Take A Closer Look At The Photo It Looks Like Its A “Mirrored” Photo But Actually I Took The First Photo Right Of Downtown L.A. And Then Took The Second Photo Basically Left Of Downtown L.A. ie. Kinda Creating A “Mirrored” Image But With A Twist? Lol..

Week Six:

Photography Assignment – Hidden From View

Business Challenge – Updated Website & Social Media

Hidden From View

Hidden City


Challenges I Face This Week: I’ve Been Scouting This Particular Location To Figure Out Different Angle Shoot A Photo Of Downtown And Utilizing This Interesting Tree. I Finally Captured A Photo I Liked And Went To Town With It On Lightroom/Photoshop. Ha! This Spot Became My Official “Go-To” Area To Mediate, Hike And Shoot.

Week Seven:

Photography Assignment – Red

Business Challenge – Marketing Brainstorm


L.A Rising


Red Poem By Brooke Audino

“Red Is Cool Fire

Red Is Feeling Of Love

Red Is The Passionate Color

Red Is The Color That Brings My Love To Me

Red Smells Like Roses, So Aromatic

Red Tastes Like Cherries, So Sweet

Red Sounds Like A Lover, The One Who Loves Me For Who You Are

Red Looks Like A Fire, That Doesn’t Get Out Of Control

Red Feels Like A Soft kiss

Red Feels Like A Soft Kiss

Red Makes Me Know That I Will Always Be Loved”

Challenges I Face This Week: RED! RED! RED! My Favorite Color Is Defintely Red. My Car Is Red… I’ve Dyed My Hair Red… Hell If You Ask Anybody I Know… They’ll Tell You How Much I Love Eating Hot Red Chili Peppers! Ha.. The Photo Was Taken With Only A Little Touch-Up In Lightroom. The City Of Angels, The Smog, And The Sun Does Amazing Things To The Sky And I Just Feel Blessed To Be In The Present To Witness Such A Spectacular View! Being There At The Right Time Is Defintely A Factor Too.

Week Eight:

Photography Assignment – Long Exposure

Business Challenge – Competitor Research

Down To Chinatown

Down To Chinatown

 Down To Chinatown


Challenges I Face This Week: Long Exposure Has Always Been My Favorite Way To Photograph. I Wait For Any Excuse To Shoot Long Exposure Every Chance I Get… When I Don’t Chicken Out To The L.A. Cold In The Evening, Since I Like The Effect Better Achieved At Night. When I First Discovered Long Exposure.. Before I Knew That’s What Its Even Called…. Was All By Accident. I Shot By “Lover’s Lane” On This Awesome Hill With A Great View Of Downtown And Part Of Chinatown… So I Would Love To Share With You This Week My First Ever Long Exposure Photos I’ve Taken At Least A Few Years Back…And Now I’m Addicted To Nightscapes!

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